About us

Pizza Lulu has been rolling out Riga’s tastiest pizzas since 1994. Our first pizzeria opened on Valdemara St and still going strong; open 24/7! We have 12 pizzerias in Riga and Adazi.

Seasons come and go; fashions change. But our values remain the same: quality, service and speedy delivery.

  • We carefully select our ingredients and co-operate with tried and tested suppliers. We use only ingredients we know we can trust. We can taste the difference.
  • Pizza Lulu tomato sauce is prepared according to our secret recipe.
  • We use only 100% REAL cheese. No subsitutes allowed.
  • Here at Pizza Lulu, we regularly train our staff and operate according to our approved procedures. This way we can ensure consistent
  • Pizza Lulu thinks about its clients day and night. We value your opinion and encourage you to let us know how about your Lulu experience.
  • We are proud to serve our products and personally recommend our pizzas to our friends and family.
  • We offer 49 minute or 69 minute delivery guarantee, setting the standard for the industry. If we can’t delivery in 49 minutes or 69 minutes, the pizza is yours – FOR FREE
  • The choices at Pizza Lulu are endless. Our clients can choose not only what kind of pizza, but also the crust and even create your own completely original pizza.
  • We are open 24/7....even those night owls have to eat!

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